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When you need results, it pays to get professional help for your business.  With our training, you know you're in the right hands.

Custom Website

We do all the installation, set up and customization for you.  When we're finished, you have a fully functioning website that has been crafted just for you.  Everything is taken care of.  The website is completely done and delivered on your hosting at your domain.

We start with a kick-off call where we find out about you and what you'd like from your website.  We ask you a series of questions and give you some assignments of things you'll need to get started on.  Then, we build your site and let you test it out and send us edits.  After we make the changes, we "go live" with your hosting and your domain.  After all, it is YOUR site, so you should own it, right?

Once your site is live, you can choose to maintain it yourself or purchase a maintenance plan from us.  It's a low-cost way to keep on top of updates and backups so you can get on with your business.

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We invite you to schedule your FREE website consultation where we can discover together what your website can do.

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The Cost of a Bad Website

  • Bad first impression (you can never get that chance again)
  • Wrong or outdated information
  • Frustrated readers who will then be frustrated with you
  • Promises that aren't kept (newsletters, social media, etc. not updated)

How many clients are you missing out on?  How much money would you have made in a year if those people had chosen to work with you?

Using a business coach as an example:

Assume an average sale of $500 per paying customer.

Assume only 20 people out of 100 per month click to visit your website and then choose not to shop because they don't like your website.

Assume 30% of people shopping actually make a purchase.

So: 20 LOST opportunities per month, which translates into 6 lost sales per month.

6 lost sales per month at $500 is $3000 (6 x $500 = $3000)

Open 12 months per year.

12 x $3000 lost sales = $36,000

As you can see from this conservative example, losing sales because of a bad website can be very costly to the health of your business.  And, since it's so conservative, most business coaches are actually losing more!