Website Maintenance Services

Do you run into problems when trying to update your site?

Does updating your site feel like a daunting task?

updateDon’t worry.  You’re not alone.  Most people I talk to feel the same way.  They often tell me that they just don’t have the time to devote to running their website because they’re too busy running their business.  They know that it’s important to keep on top of it, but they just don’t have the time to spend updating their site and keeping up with small changes.

Why would you need to keep your site updated?

That, I can tell you in one word: SECURITY.  A site that is updated regularly is far less likely to be hacked.  And, hacking is a big deal.  It can cost you hundreds of dollars to get your site cleaned and back on line after a hack.  The number one way to prevent someone from hacking your site is keeping it updated.  Updating your site is something that can prevent a whole lot of headaches down the road.  So, why do so many people have outdated software and plugins on their sites?  They are just too busy to get around to it today.  So, tomorrow turns into next week, which turns into next year.  Before you know it, you’re kicking yourself for not taking care of it while you still had the chance.

How can you trust someone with your website?

Trusting someone with your website is a big deal.  When you put so much time and energy into getting it right to begin with, it’s a little scary to hand over the passwords to someone you just met and trust them with your website.  After all, there is a lot riding on your website and you are risking a lot by giving the keys to someone else to drive.  But rest assured, there are steps you can take to make the whole thing a little easier to swallow.  First, you can make a backup of your site.  If you use WordPress, you can install a plugin like backupwordpress, which makes the task very simple.  Then, you can download the backup to your own computer to have in case anything goes wrong.  If you need to give hosting control panel access or ftp access, you can often take steps to only allow them into the part of the backend that they need to be in, rather than billing information.  Contact your hosting company for more information on how to protect private information when letting someone access your site.  Many hosting companies offer ways to give someone control of your site without giving them total control.

What does it cost to have someone update your site and make small changes as necessary?

Prices vary from company to company, but you should be able to negotiate a price that fits your budget and maintenance needs.  Most small businesses will only need an hour a month or less for maintenance on their website.  This would include checking for a good backup, updating WordPress core, updating themes, and updating plugins.  Finally, they would check the front end to make sure nothing got messed up in the updates.  Often times, web developers will offer a service plan which gives you a contracted amount of time that you pay for each month at a discounted price.  These kinds of plans are very popular because they allow you to get things done at a cheaper rate than normal and you can schedule maintenance to be done automatically without having to remember it.

How do you find someone to update your site?

Many times you can ask someone who develops websites if they offer maintenance plans as well.  Many will be happy to take a new client, even if they didn’t develop the website, but some developers only want to maintain sites that they built.  This is because they know where things are, they know how it was put together and how it should work.  There are no surprises.  I’m the kind of person that just tries to make things work for my clients wherever they happen to be in the big picture.  So, if someone comes to me with a maintenance project, I usually try and take them in and help them out.

If your site is in need of some maintenance and updates, call Amy 208-366-7126.