How Our Websites are Different than Everyone Else’s

So Many Choices for Business Coaching Websites

If you’ve done any amount of searching for a website developer to create your business coaching website, you probably know that there are tons of companies and individuals willing to create a website for you.  In fact, there are probably people you know who could do it for pretty cheap (although, it may look like that in the end and often times will strain a friendship).  With all these choices, it can get pretty confusing to the average business coach to know where to turn.

I just want to give you a few ways that our websites are different from the competition.  That way, you can make an informed choice about what to do with your business coaching website.

Flexibility and Growth

First, let me compare with the obvious free choices, such as Wix, Square, and Weebly.  While they do have very pretty designs out of the box, they can quickly become a design nightmare when you try experimenting with different images, colors, fonts, etc. without any design background.  I often hear clients complain that they tried one of these sites and quickly got in over their heads, with something that was supposed to be a weekend project ending up taking months of work.  They often say that it looks like a 7-year-old created it in an hour and they’re tired of wasting their time.  Plus, there is not much flexibility as far as options go.  So you’re pretty much stuck with whatever limited items they offer.

Rest assured, that with our websites, we not only have gorgeous designs, but you also get great flexibility and functionality with plenty of options for growth in the future.  So, if down the road you get a great idea for something you’d like to do with your website, chances are, we can help you do it.

Online Scheduling Built In

We know that your time is your most valuable resource.  After all, as a business coach, that’s the one thing you’re charging for.  So, why waste time going back and forth with people about what the best time is for a meeting? There are better ways to handle scheduling.  We have a great online scheduling system that we use on all of our business coaching websites.  It’s the same scheduling platform we use on our website.  It syncs right up with your Google calendar to let your clients make quick work of scheduling around your open times.  Plus, you can charge for appointments right when they’re scheduling them.  This saves you time and you know that your appointments are always paid for in advance.  It just makes good business sense.

Now, there are a lot of fancy schedulers out there.  And, you may even be paying a monthly fee for one right now.  But, this one runs on your own website with no extra monthly fees.  Check ours out and schedule a free consultation with us at the same time.

Find Your Best Clients

We use proven marketing strategies to get your favorite kinds of people to become your clients.  It’s important that we find the kind of clients you love working with and who will love working with you.  Let’s face it.  Not all people are alike.  In fact, we all have our favorite kinds of people to work with.  Let us help you connect with those people and make them your next clients.  Because, when you love your clients, work becomes amazing.